Los Angeles based, mixer and producer Guillermo Marin, has an impressive list of credits that include Bunbury, Javier Limón, Roque Baños, Sergio Dalma, Federico Jusid, Cali y el Dandee, Claudia Brant, Dayramir y La Habana Entrance, Tamara, Arturo Cardelús, Nolan Sotillo, Mon Laferte, The Bronson, Daniel Diges to name only a few. His versatility has allowed him to play different roles on different projects such as mixer, songwriter, producer, arranger, producer, vocal producer and singer.

Born in Zaragoza, Spain, Guillermo Marin started his music career at age 12, when he got the third prize in one of the biggest shows in Spanish Television, “Menudas Estrellas”, singing as one of his idols “Sergio Dalma”. A few years later, Guillermo ended up writing a song for one of Dalma’s albums, the song “Cuando crees que no te veo” (When you think I can’t see you) from his album “Trece” (2010).
Marin started his professional career at 17 when he signed his first publishing deal. He wrote songs for several artists such as diamond record selling artists like Tamara or Sergio Dalma among many others.
In the meantime Guillermo continued developing his music skills, and for several years he took private lessons with one of the most respected musicians in his hometown, Coco Fernández, who was his biggest mentor and prepared him for his audition to Berklee College of Music.

In 2009 Guillermo Marin got a the “SGAE Presidential Scholarship” to attend Berklee College of Music. This scholarship covered tuition and living expenses for three years at this institution, considered one of the best in the world. Guillermo graduated in 2012 Summa Cum Laude in Music “Production and Engineering”. He also took several courses in arranging, songwriting and Music Business and he got an Award from the “Contemporary Writing and Production” department for the “Best Acapella Arrangement”.
It was in Boston where he met 8 time Grammy-winner Javier Limón. Guillermo engineered for two of his projects during this time, the album “Mi Única Llave” by José Mercé and “Flamenco en Black & White” by Ariadna Castellanos, both nominated to the Latin Grammy.

Guillermo moved to Los Angeles in 2012 where he continued working as a producer and engineer for various projects.
One of his most prolific collaborations has been with Spanish Rock Star “Bunbury” in records such as “Palosanto” (nominated as Best Rock Album in 2014 Latin Grammy), one of his most-acclaimed records in his 30 year career, where Guillermo was the vocal producer and the arranger and director for the Gospel Choir that collaborated on the album. Guillermo has worked with Bunbury on many records since then, playing different roles such as recording engineer, mixing engineer, vocal producer and arranger, including his MTV Unplugged “El Libro de las Mutaciones”, recorded at Mexico DF. Guillermo and Bunbury also co-produced the song “Vete de mi” that was included in the soundtrack of the movie “Cantinflas” and was recorded at EastWest Studios in Hollywood, CA.

Living in Hollywood, the film Mecca, Guillermo is very active in the movie industry as well, mixing several soundtracks for composers such as Goya award winning (Spanish Oscars) Roque Baños, Federico Jusid or Arturo Cardelus among many others.
As a lead mixing engineer for the company RED57 in Burbank, CA, Guillermo has also worked for companies such as FOX Sports, LIONSGATE, BET, to name only a few, both for film and TV.

Besides his work as mixer and producer, Guillermo is a devoted educator. He collaborates regularly with the prestigious website Hispasonic.com creating video tutorials about different topics such as Parallel Compression, Equalization and many others.

Here you can see some of Guillermo's credits in albums. To check the particular role he played on each album, click on the image for each record.


Here you can check some of the Music Soundtracks Guillermo has worked on as a mixer for several composers such as Roque Baños, Arturo Cardelús, Federico Jusid among others.


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